More stuff AKA I don’t know how to blog

I’m just going to add pics for now….order is not important.elf_composite

Sea Elf in 1996 before the 2003 marina fire…..on the right Sea Elf after my 8 year rebuild.


On Mobjack Bay for a nice sailing….I don’t remember when this was, maybe 2012??


on_the_hard.jpgLast year just after painting her gray…..

P1020250.JPGLast winter…..wish we had snow today!


P3170543.JPGOne day from a three day – two night back packing trip.  This was in the fall two years ago.

P3170550.JPGOne of spots I found to set up.  This was in the morning while getting breakfast ready.

P3180556.JPGA little QRP action…. my DIY SST-40, mini tuner, mine cootie and battery pack for the SST-40.  My antenna was just a wire tossed over a branch.

P3180559.JPGI’m trying to remember what I  was sitting on….I’m using my portable stool for my operating table….must of been sitting on a log…